Role of physical Anthropology in studying Tourism :

This branch of anthropology apart from studying men as a productof evolutionary process also involves an analysis of buuman population . Both approaches revolve around a common theme of human variation and adaptation.

This field considers such issues as how the environment has affected and continues to affect man ‘s structure .

It has been observed from various researches that people relatively isolated from others apparently change very
slowly in physical form white populations having constant contacts with many structurally diverse people may change rapidly in bodily structure in a relatively short time .

Physical anthropology give answers as what happens to people when different varieties inbreed or is there any relationship b/w a man ‘s physical type and his temperament, intelligence, special altitudes or behaviour in general.

Role of Social Anthropology in:

studying tourism :

The anthropology of tourism offers an insight into the sociocultural dimensions of tourism, such as behaviors of cultures and societies.

International tourists inthe second half of the 20th century started to visit those locations in which many anthropologists had carried out their fieldwork. The interaction b/w tourists and local people provided
a new source of anthropological inquiry.
Therefore, traditionally in tourism studies, anthropology tended to deal with the impacts of tourism in the lifestyles, traditions , and cultures of local people, residents or hosts .

The openness of the tosoerist role puts a focus on the social and communicative relations that tourists enter
into while on tour and that will shape their stories about experiences. This is also where anthropology can present a contribution to the interdisciplinary study of

Enplosing the tourists as a ” middle role ” focuses on the creative and experience seeking activities of tourists.
Such activities range from participation in events to quest for authenticity and cultural differences .

Composite and interactive image of the tourists can stimulate research into a more culturally andenvironmentally
responsible tourism.

Role of Archeological Anthropology in Tourism:

Archeology Anthropology Niche study of past humans and cultures through
material remains . 9T involves the eneavaction, analysis and interpretation of artifacts, soils and cultural processes.

The archeological anthropology makes an attempt to understand the geological process particularly the climatic
phases that have left evidences in Earth ‘s surface .

The archeological anthropologists, can reconstruct the natural environment conclusions .

Archeologists themselves engage with projects involving local development of the people where they work .
Tourists can gain excavation and analysis experience visiting those places .

Archeologists make a major contribution to our knowledge of cultural history and development. Through many studies archeologists have decided that cultural evolution has not been equally rapid in different parts of the

These rewards by archeologists give as many clues as to which cultures evolve.

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