Prevent Unnecessary Data Usage on Your MacBook

If you are using a MacBook, then you might have noticed that your device is consuming too much data even if no background update or something that consumes data is running. In this article I’ll discuss about two different solutions of this problem for different user categories.


One for Developers and Programmers, who use iOS simulator for iOS development.

And One for regular users, which includes the first category too. But first of all make sure that your iCloud Sync is turned off. So let’s start. Because, it can also be a reason of the unnecessary data consumption in your MacBook.

For Developers and Programmers, who use iOS simulator –

The main problem with iOS simulator is , it runs multiple background tasks which consumes too much data. I’ve myself noticed that it consumes around 2 GB of data while my MacBook is connected to the WiFi.

To stop the background data consumption of the iOS simulator, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

Go to



Then rename the file named to



Go to



And change the name of the file named nsurlsessiond to




N.B – Do not delete those files. Just rename them. That’s it. You’ll notice the background data consumption will be stopped immediately after following the above steps.


Now for normal Users – 

1. Go to Activity Monitor, and locate the trustd process.

2. Copy its PID from the PID column.

3. Launch Terminal and run the # sudo kill -9 [trustd PID] command to end the parent trustd process.


Note: Replace [trustd PID] with the PID you copied.


Now repeat the same process for nsurlsessiond

That’s it. You can see the unnecessary data consumption will now be stopped.



I hope these will help. Peace out 🤞




Prantosh Biswas

Prantosh is a student of Mathematics and a Freelance Website and Mobile Application (Android & iOS) Developer.

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