Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Also, it’s the common language for education, business and entertainment. So, learning English is nearly necessity for everyone these days. It is said that English is one of the most difficult languages to learn. But if you follow the below 5 tips, then I can assure that you’ll learn English easily.

Here are the top 5 tips (No. 5 to No. 1, the last method is the best one in my opinion) :

5. Watch English Movies and Web Series

Watching movies and web series can really help you to understand how to pronounce English words. You can always turn the subtitles on, so that you can see the word as well as listen to the pronounciation. I personally used this method to learn English and I do it often.

Here are some English movie recommendations :

Forrest Gump, Ice Age (all parts), Catch Me If You Can, Inception, Shawshank Redemption, The Boss Baby, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter Series, Marvel Series etc.

Some English web series recommendations :

The Unlisted, Stranger Things, Sex Education, Lucifer, etc.

The above mentioned Movies and Web Series are my personal favourites and I can guarantee that you’ll enjoy watching these as well as you can learn English by watching them.

4. Read English Books and Novels

The more you read books, the more you know the topic. So, if you want to Learn English Quickly, you can read English Books, Novels and comics also. If you can, read aloud. It’ll help you pair the sounds of the words to the text of the page.

My Favourite English Books, that you can give a read :

A Passage to India, War and Peace, Rich Dad Poor Dad, etc.

3. Don’t be Shy, just speak in English

Try to talk in English with your friends. Of course they should also speak in English. If they are speaking in a native language and you’re speaking in English, then it can be an Odd Situation. But if you have friends to practice English together, just speak in English; never be Shy. No one is perfect at the beginning. Just give it a try and you’ll do better day by day.

2. Use Translation Exercise Books

I can remember doing translation homework given by my English tutor when I was in class 8-10. There was a Book called Translation Bunch by Duff and Dutt. We had to translate sentences and paragraphs from Bengali to English. It helped me a lot and increased my stock of words and learn English Quickly.

So, if you have an option like this, go for it. Also buy a Dictionary which is Your Language to English. Then solve the questions and dont hesitate to use the dictionary. It’ll definitely help you a lot.


1. Use the Online Platforms to speak with real people

I personally love this one. I myself have used this method to learn how to speak in English. And it’s the best way to learn English. Far better than other social networking apps and websites.

There are multiple platforms to practice English, but my personal favourite is Free4Talk . It connects you with person who speaks English or any other language and you can practice English with them. Just ineteract with them. Ask questions and try to answer to their questions too. You can give at least one hour a day in this platform and I’m sure It’ll help.


Lastly, I would say that no one is perfect. I myself do a lot of mistakes. Even if I’ve done any grammatical mistakes in this article, I’ll not be surprised. Cause a language is just a way to interact with each other. If the person you’re talking with can understand what you want to say, then it’s fine. Nobody is going to punish you for your errors.


As a Software Engineer, I work with many clients who are from different countries and I interact with them in English obviously. I have seen many kf my American clients doing grammatical errors in their messages or directly on phone call or video conferences. The point is- when English is their native language, they are also making mistakes. So, if we’re gonna make small mistakes, it’ll not be a matter of Shyness. At least you’re trying your best. That’s it.


I hope this article will help you. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for reading ❤️

Prantosh Biswas

A Devotee of Lord Shree Krishna 🦚 | Full Stack Website and Mobile App Developer 🧑‍💻

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