Today we are starting a series of posts evaluating the detailed previous years’ WBCS Anthropology question papers. We will be publishing all previous years’ WBCS Anthropology optional question papers chapter by chapter.

We have assembled these chapter-by-chapter questions following the WBCS mains previous exam questions from 2001 through the most recent exam of 2021.

Below is the detailed syllabus of Chapter 1  Anthropology optional Paper-I (WBCS mains)

Chapter 1. Introducing anthropology: Meaning and scope of anthropology.


Significant branches of anthropology:

1.1 Main branches of Anthropology, their scope, and relevance :
(a) Social-cultural Anthropology,
(b) Biological Anthropology,
(c) Archaeological Anthropology,
(d) Linguistic Anthropology.
1.2 Brief outline of the growth of anthropology. Enlightenment. Colonialism and anthropology.

All the previous years’ questions of WBCS mains Anthropology optional Chapter 1 of Paper-I:


Q1.Define Linguistic Anthropology And Discuss Its Importance In Anthropology.

Give An Account Of The Linguistic Groups Of India And Their Distribution With a Suitable Example Of Two Ethnic Populations From Each Of The Linguistic Groups.

Write A Note On the Variation Of the Head Shape Of Any One Of The Linguistic Groups In  India.  [2019] 8+12+10=30 

Q2. Discuss The Allied Aspects Of Archeology. [2017] 10 

Q3. Discuss The Different Applications Of Human Genetics Within The Scope Of  Biological Anthropology. [2014] 32 

Q4. Briefly Discuss The Relations Among Different Branches Of Anthropology. State How Anthropological Knowledge May Help To Administer A Country. [2012] 20  

Q5. Briefly Discuss The Scope And Development Of Anthropology.

What Are the Main Branches Of Anthropology?

Discuss Their Scope. [2009, 2011] 20 

Q6. Define Anthropology. [2009] 

Q7. Discuss The Scope Of Anthropology.

Briefly Discuss Its Relationship With Other Social Sciences. [2006] 5+10 

Q8. Linguistic Anthropology. [2018] 10 

Q9. Relevance Of Biological Anthropology In Public Health. [2016] 10 

Q10. Paleoanthropology As A Conjunctive Approach. [2015] 10

Q11. Discuss the relevance of linguistics anthropology in the context of other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Briefly discuss the methods of studying linguistics anthropology.

State the distribution of linguistics families in India with at least two names of the respective tribal groups with each linguistic family. [2021] 10+10+10

Q12. Discuss The Development Of Anthropology In India With Special Emphasis In  Post Colonial India. [2015] 30 

Q13. Do You Think That The Development Anthropology Was Connected With  Colonial Interest? Explain. [2006] 5 

Q14. Colonialism And Anthropology. [2018] 10

That’s all questions that have been asked in this chapter from 2001 to 2021.  Keep visiting us regularly for further updates.

You can check the detailed analysis of the syllabus of the WBCS Anthropology optional paper by clicking here.

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