We have started a series of posts evaluating the detailed previous years’ WBCS Anthropology question papers. We will publish all previous years’ WBCS Anthropology optional question papers chapter by chapter.

We have assembled these chapter-by-chapter questions following the WBCS mains previous exam questions from 2001 through the most recent exam of 2021.

Below is the detailed syllabus of Chapter 4 Anthropology optional Paper-I (WBCS mains)

4. Human variation :

4.1 Concept of Race, racism.
4.2 Basis of variation – Morphological (hair, eye) metric (stature, head shape), Polymorphic (genetic
marker) – blood group (ABO, Rh), Hb, PGM, HP, Y-chromosome STR, mtDNA.
4.3 Concept of Human physique and somatotype.
4.4  Concept of ethnic groups – Mongoloid, Caucasoid, Negroid, Australoid.

All the previous years’ questions of WBCS mains Anthropology optional Chapter 3 of Paper-I:

4.1. Concept Of Race, Racism

Q1. Define Race.

Critically Discuss Whether The Concept Of Race Is Still Valid For Understanding Human Biology.   [2012] 20 

Q2. Write Briefly On Racial Classification Of Human Groups.  [2011] 20 

Q3. Bring Out The Difference Between Race And Racism. Give A Brief Account Of The  Factors Responsible For Race Formation In Man.  [2001] 20 

Q4. Briefly Discuss The Concept Of “Race” In Anthropology.

Discuss Anthropological Debates On Race And Racism. [2018] 7+8

Q5. Australoid. [2013] 8 

4.2. Basis Of Variation

Q1. Discuss Human Variation With Special Reference To Human Hair.  [2013] 16

Q2. ABO blood groups.  [2003,2004] 10 

Q4. Abnormal Haemoglobin [2003] 10

Q5. ABO Blood Group As Racial Criteria. [2001] 10

Q6. Define Polymorphic Traits.

Discuss Polymorphic Traits With Special Reference To Abo Bloodgroup And Its Distribution.  [2018] 15 

4.3 Human Physique and Somatotype

Q1. Define Somatotype.

Discuss In Brief Heath-Carter Method Of Somatotyping. [2020] 5+10 

Q2. Give An Outline Of Sheldon’s System Of Classification Of Human Physique By External  Body Form.  [2004] 20 

Q3. Point Out The Factors Responsible For Physical Variation From One Human Group To  The Other. [2003] 20 

4.4. Concept Of Ethnic Groups – Mongoloid, Caucasoid, Negroid, Australoid.

Q1. What Are the Main Ethnic Groups Of Mankind?

How Many Of Them Are Represented By The Autochthonous Population Of India? Give A Brief Account Of Their Physical Features And Distribution. [2009] 20



That’s all questions that have been asked in this chapter from 2001 to 2021.  Keep visiting us regularly for further updates.

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You can check the detailed analysis of the syllabus of the WBCS Anthropology optional paper by clicking here.

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