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WBCS Anthropology Optional Previous Years’ Questions Chapter 8 of Paper 1

WBCS Anthropology Optional Previous Years' Questions Chapterwise



We have started a series of posts evaluating the detailed previous years’ WBCS Anthropology question papers. We will publish all previous years’ WBCS Anthropology optional question papers chapter by chapter.


We have assembled these chapter-by-chapter questions following the WBCS mains previous exam questions from 2001 through the most recent exam of 2021.


Below is the detailed syllabus of Chapter 8 Anthropology optional Paper-I (WBCS mains):

8. Cultural evolution :

8.1 Tool typology and technology of tool manufacturing.
8.2 Excavation, Exploration, Site survey, Application of GIS
8.3 Concept of Dating: Absolute (C14, K-Ar) Relative (Dendrochronology and Stratigraphy).
8.4 Features and distribution of prehistoric cultures concerning India and Europe :
(a) Paleolithic
(b) Mesolithic
(c) Neolithic
(d) Chalcolithic
(e) Iron Age.

All the previous years’ questions of WBCS mains Anthropology optional Chapter 6 of Paper-I:

8. Cultural Evolution

Q1. (A) What Are The Differences Between Excavation, Exploration, And Site Survey?

(B) Write A Brief Note On Method Of C14 Dating And Its Application In Anthropology. Write Its Merits And Demerits. [2020] 15+(10+5)=30 

Q2. Give An Account Of The Microlithic Culture Of India With Reference To Tool Typology  And Technology. [2017] 20 

 Q3. Discuss The Typologies And Technologies Of Stone Tool Making And Its Gradual  Development From Its Emergence To Neolithic Cultural Age. [2014] 32 

Q4. Write What You Know About The Upper Paleolithic Cultural Traditions In Europe.   [2013] 16 

Q5. What Is Evolutionism?

Write The Salient Features Unilinear Evolutionism Advocated By E B Tylor And Lh Morgan.  [2013] 16 

Q6. Application Of Gis System In Archeological Anthropology. [2014] 18 

Q7. Discuss The Salient Features Of the Neolithic Period.

Examine Why It Is Referred to As the “Neolithic Revolution”. [2006 ][2011] 20 

Q8. Mention Two Major Lower Paleolithic Cultures In India. Give A Comparative Account  Of Those Two Lithic Cultures. [2005] 20 

Q9. Describe Briefly The Salient Features Of Upper Paleolithic Cultures.  Were There Any New Developments During The Upper Paleolithic Period? [2005] 20 

Q10. Chalcolithic Culture. [2004] 10 

Q11. Discuss The Salient Features Of The Lower Paleolithic Culture Complex Of the Indian  Sub-Continent. [2004] 20 

Q12. What Are The Characteristic Features Of Neolithic Culture? Point Out The  Consequences Of the Neolithic Revolution.  [2003] 20 

Q13. Give A Brief Account Of The Neolithic Culture In India. [2003] 20

Q14. Define Neolithic.

Which Were The Most Relevant Neolithic Changes?

Briefly Discuss The Neolithic Culture In India. [2019] 8+10+12 

Q15. What Are The Salient Features Of Mesolithic Culture? Mesolithic Reflects More An  Economy Than Technology. Discuss. [2002] 20 

Q16. Neolithic Revolution. [2002] 10 

Q17. Bring Out The Characteristics Features And Tool Types Of The Mesolithic Period.  [2001] 10

Q18. What Is Radiometric Dating?  What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages?

Write A Brief Account On Potassium-Argon Dating Technique.

What Are The Characteristic Features Of the Neolithic Culture Of India? [2018] 10+10+10

Q19. C14 Dating And Its Application On Paleoanthropology. [2016] 10

Q20. K-Ar.  [2013] 8 

Q21. Dendrochronology. [2013] 8 

Q22. Mesolithic.  [2011, 2006] 10



That’s all questions that have been asked in these two chapters from 2001 to 2021.  Keep visiting us regularly for further updates.


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You can check the detailed analysis of the syllabus of the WBCS Anthropology optional paper by clicking here.

Keep visiting us for further updates.

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